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World Packaging Machinery market demand is strong

Although the production value of packaging machinery in the entire packaging industry accounted for less than the proportion of packaging materials, not the regular consumer goods, but the packaging industry modernization is indeed indispensable support.

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Automated sorting to achieve orderly packaging

It is no longer new to use robots for automatic sorting, but so far few enterprises have carried out successful practice.Robots can select products by their size, shape and weight, and with the development of image processing and software customization, new technologies are provided for robotic sorting.

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Definition of multi-head scale

The engineering name is also called "Select combination weighing scale". It is composed of a plurality of independent weighing units of the feed out structure.The computer uses the permutation and combination principle to automatically optimize and combine the load quantity of the weighing unit

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The source of the combination scale

In the 70 's, the Japanese Agricultural Association to the relevant weighing enterprises raised the issue of green pepper weighing. In Japan, green peppers are usually packaged in the form of quantitative packaging in the supermarket sales, if each bag of green pepper quantitative value is 120 grams, to install quasi 120 grams is a very difficult thing.

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Sticky product weighing and packaging solution

Accubal Sticky product weighing and packaging solution are special design for fresh meat, seafood, pickle etc.

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Multihead weigher working principle

How multihead weigher works? Show you the weighing technology independently developed by Accubal.

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Advantages of automated Packaging systems

ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certification,Guarantee of customer confidence,Guarantee of customer confidence,Reduce production space precision and high loss,Production efficiency,Reduce security risks ,Low cost and high yield

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