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How can Accubal break the "wall" of homogenization in the packaging industry?

If you are looking for the right scale for your food packing machine. Accubalscale, a professional weighing equipment manufacturer, may be able to help you with that. We provide automatic weighing and packing machines with combination scale.

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Find the right multihead weigher for your products| Buyers’ Guide

The reason why we buy high-accuracy multihead weigher is mainly to improve the production efficiency while maintaining accuracy and stability. However, there are hundreds of combination scales on the market, it is really difficult to pick and choose. In order to allow customers to make better choices, today AccuBal will introduce to you the star product in the field of multihead weighers -- AccuBal high-precision, high-speed multihead weigher.

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Play with smart technology: Enter the field of AccuBal smart weighing that you never knew before

Efficient and effective production requires technology innovation. Accubal Intelligent rely on extraordinary technical creativity, master the intelligent weighing technology and make continuous progress.

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AccuBal Intelligent Multihead Weigher: Breakthrough the limitations and Leading New concepts in the industry

China intelligent weighing industry has a long history of development. Since the 1990s, the bulk and unpackaged sales model has been gradually replaced by "pre-packaged goods", which won the popularity of many consumers for its convenience, sanitary, efficiency, diversification and colorful packaging. With the growing demand of the market, the multihead weigher come out to be the first modernization weighing equipment.

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AccuBal Intelligent Adhere innovation and Ingenuity to create good products

Accubal is the telling witness of China booming industry of metering device. We are adhere innovation, Constantly close to international leading advance technology level.

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Compared with the traditional quantitative automatic weighing scale, why multihead weigher precision is higher?

With the rapid development of modern industry, the food industry has also enhance requirements for packaging accuracy, packaging speed and application. At present, traditional quantitative automatic weighing scales have been difficult to meet these requirements. In contrast, the weighing accuracy of multihead weigher is much higher, which gradually replaces traditional packaging scales and becomes more demanded by people. product.

So compared with traditional quantitative weighing scales, why multihead weigher precision is higher?

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Working principle of combinatorial weighing

The working principle of the material from the conveyor to the storage hopper: when the material is filling to the predetermined horizontal position, the level sensor will detects and sends a stop feeding signal to the conveyor until the material level on the main vibration plate drops to the preset level, and the electronic eye will send a feeding signal to the conveyor again;

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The source of the multi-scale

In the 70 's, the Japanese Agricultural Association to the relevant weighing enterprises raised the issue of green pepper weighing. In Japan, green peppers are usually sold in the form of bagged quantitative packaging.If the quantitative value of each bag of green pepper is 120g, it is very difficult to install a quasi 120g.

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Type of multi-head scale

According to the use of environmental types are also divided into waterproof type, anti-rust type, anti-collision type, general type, etc., by the food packaging, daily, tobacco, metal (particle) industry used. According to the form of double open door, large column type, double oblique groove, low noise single door type.

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The working principle of multi-head scale

The hoist feeding through the feeding plate, so that the material concentrate on the main vibration plate, and then through the main vibration plate vibration, so that the material in the main vibration plate on the material evenly distributed to the wire plate.the vibrating machine vibration, through the amplitude and line vibration feeding time to send the material to each buffer bucket.

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Main features of multi-head scale

Weighing fast---10 bucket up to 70 packs per minute, 14 bucket up to 120 packs per minute,Dynamic weighing precision quasi-----±0.1~2.0g,High degree of automation----and elevator, packaging machine to form an integrated automatic quantitative packaging system.

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The good helper of automatic weight test for weighing and weighing automatic assembly line

Believe that the majority of enterprises on the weight of the product after the inspection by ordinary electronic weighing manual weighing sampling methods.According to the national Quality management methods, each batch of products sampling some of the weight testing, if no leakage, more loading is the whole batch of the factory, if the discovery of leakage, more than the whole batch of full review.

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