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Automated sorting to achieve orderly packaging

Add Date: 2020-8-3    Views: 684

It is no longer new to use robots for automatic sorting, but so far few enterprises have carried out successful practice.

Robots can select products by their size, shape and weight, and with the development of image processing and software customization, new technologies are provided for robotic sorting. "Every consumer wants his milk or chocolate bar to taste, so the retail shelves in supermarkets must be colorful and dazzling." "Norbert Zuckermann, the chief executive of CSI, describes the current status of FMCG retailing. For the sorting business, small-volume stocking means new technical challenges. In addition, the acceptance error rate of consumer goods customers has been greatly reduced, and the demand for services is getting higher. All of these factors have opened up a new field of application for robots engaged in traditional palletizing operations, such as product sorting.


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