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Multihead weigher working principle

Products to be weighed are firstly delivered by Conveyor and fed into the infeed funnel.Then it can be dispersed to linear feeder pans from the vibrating top cone controlled by program. The products flow thickness can be changed by adjusting the height of the Infeed Funnel. Products to be weighed are distributed evenly into each linear feeder pan,

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Sticky product weighing and packaging solution

AB-S8 and AB-S10 Serie Three feeding patterns: vibrating feeding(Semi-atuomatic), belt feeding(Semi-automatic), screw feeding (full-atuomatic)How to maintain and wash down the weigher?all of hoppers and hopper supports can be take out from the weigher,weigher waterproof level is IP65, so it can use water to wash the machine body (notes: attention some improtant parts like aluminum case area)

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Working principle of combinatorial weighing

The material from the material conveyor to the storage hopper, when the material is added to a predetermined horizontal position, the electronic eye on one side of the hopper detects and signals the conveyor to stop feeding until the material level position on the hopper drops to the preset horizontal position, and the electronic eye emits the feed signal again;

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The source of the combination scale

In the 70 's, the Japanese Agricultural Association to the relevant weighing enterprises raised the issue of green pepper weighing. In Japan, green peppers are usually packaged in the form of quantitative packaging in the supermarket sales, if each bag of green pepper quantitative value is 120 grams, to install quasi 120 grams is a very difficult thing.

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Advantages of automated Packaging systems

ISO22000 Food Safety Management System Certification,Guarantee of customer confidence,Guarantee of customer confidence,Reduce production space precision and high loss,Production efficiency,Reduce security risks ,Low cost and high yield

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Automated sorting to achieve orderly packaging

It is no longer new to use robots for automatic sorting, but so far few enterprises have carried out successful practice.Robots can select products by their size, shape and weight, and with the development of image processing and software customization, new technologies are provided for robotic sorting.

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World Packaging Machinery market demand is strong

Although the production value of packaging machinery in the entire packaging industry accounted for less than the proportion of packaging materials, not the regular consumer goods, but the packaging industry modernization is indeed indispensable support.

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The good helper of automatic weight test for weighing and weighing automatic assembly line

Believe that the majority of enterprises on the weight of the product after the inspection by ordinary electronic weighing manual weighing sampling methods.According to the national Quality management methods, each batch of products sampling some of the weight testing, if no leakage, more loading is the whole batch of the factory, if the discovery of leakage, more than the whole batch of full review.

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Main features of multi-head scale

Weighing fast---10 bucket up to 70 packs per minute, 14 bucket up to 120 packs per minute,Dynamic weighing precision quasi-----±0.1~2.0g,High degree of automation----and elevator, packaging machine to form an integrated automatic quantitative packaging system.

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The working principle of multi-head scale

The hoist feeding through the feeding plate, so that the material concentrate on the main vibration plate, and then through the main vibration plate vibration, so that the material in the main vibration plate on the material evenly distributed to the wire plate.the vibrating machine vibration, through the amplitude and line vibration feeding time to send the material to each buffer bucket.

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Type of multi-head scale

According to the use of environmental types are also divided into waterproof type, anti-rust type, anti-collision type, general type, etc., by the food packaging, daily, tobacco, metal (particle) industry used. According to the form of double open door, large column type, double oblique groove, low noise single door type.

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The source of the multi-scale

In the 70 's, the Japanese Agricultural Association to the relevant weighing enterprises raised the issue of green pepper weighing. In Japan, green peppers are usually sold in the form of bagged quantitative packaging.If the quantitative value of each bag of green pepper is 120g, it is very difficult to install a quasi 120g.

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