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Cereal Packaging Machine

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Cereal Packaging Machine

Accubal Scale Cereal Packaging Machine features specialized weighing and vertical packing capability to package a wide diversity of cereal products. It is suitable for handling of dust-prone or sugar-covered products.

We can weigh all types of cereal applications including muesli, cornflakes, oatmeal & other grains, variations with nuts, dried fruits, chocolate.
Using Accubal professional weigher, which can optimize the packaging process of fragile and dust-prone products.

Cereal Packaging Machine Cereal Packaging Cereal Packaging Machine Cereal Packaging

For Muesli, Oatmeal, Mixed nuts and Dry Fruits, etc. We offer specialized weighing solution-mixing weigher, capable of weighing mixing 2-5 different products while ensuring high speed and high accuracy.

Integrated Accubal multihead weigher with VFFS, pre-made bag, tray, jar, or bottle packing machine for various package styles and sizes.

  Cereal Packaging Machine

Equipment For Your Cereal Packaging Needs

Cereal Packaging  

Mixed weigher

Apply to mix materials with well flowability.

For mixing different products into one package or feeding multiple packers at the same time.

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Cereal Packaging Machine


Twin-type Vertical Packing Machine
• Stainless steel structure, PLC with 7inch touch screen control
• Simple and compact design for saving installation space
• Low cost, only one set of feeding and filling system needed for a complete packing line

Model BX-2400 BX-2500 BX-2620
Film width 140-400mm 180-500mm 240-620mm
Bag length 50-230mm 60-300mm 70-380mm
Speed Max. 200 bpm Max. 180 bpm Max. 170 bpm
Power supply 220V, 50/60HZ, 7Kw 220V, 50/60HZ, 8Kw 220V, 50/60HZ, 9Kw
Air requests 0.4m3/min, 0.6MPa 0.4m3/min, 0.6Mpa 0.4m3/min, 0.6MPa
Outer dimension 1900x1290x1130mm 2220x1510x1480mm 2420x1570x1670mm


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