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Cannabis Packing Machine

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Accubalscale provide Super precision weigher for low target weight of cannabis at high speed, specially for the legal cannabis and hemp industries.

Main Feature:
• One of smallest and most precise multihead weigher in the world.
• Ultra-low target weights at high speed and unbelievable accuracy.
• Target weights from 0.5to 50g at speeds of up to 120 weighmentsper minute.
• Weight measures as low as 0.01g,target weights as low as 0.5g,accuracy as low as 0.03g.
• Applied 4.0 generation software advanced technologies, faster and more accurate than ever before, easier to clean and simpler to operate.

Accubal can weigh: 

  • Flowers
  • Gummies
  • Edibles
  • Milled cannabis (shake)

cannabis weighing machine

Super Precision Micro Weigher

Equipped with a windshield - which protect the multihead weigher in 5 positions from above to the surroundings, and prevent interference to the operation process due to the external working environment

Micro vibrating feeder - specially designed for fine materials, can better control the supply of materials. For general feeders, the vibration strength is relatively too large, which will cause excessive feeding and large weight deviation.

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Order Number  AB-E14
Item No. 4A-18
Hopper No. 14
Max. Weighing Speed (WPM) ≤110BPM
Average Tolerance ±0.1g
Hopper Volume 100ml
Single Weigh 5g-50g
Single Max Length 40mm±3mm
Water Proof IP50
Preset Number Program 99
Display 10.4 inch TFT colour screen
Power Single AC 220±10%;50/60Hz;3.6KW

VFFS packing machine

VFFS Packaging Machine

The packaging machine is a continuous vertical filling and sealing packaging machine. It combines the unique sealing movement based on the hypocycloid geometric path, and provides an extended sealing residence time with a smooth and natural trajectory movement. The speed is up to 180 bags per minute.


Sealing jaws motion Continuous rotary
Film width 170-560mm
Bag length 80-500mm
Speed Max.180 bpm
Powder Supply 380V, 50/60HZ, 7.5Kw
Outer dimension 40mm±3mm 
Air requests
0.5m3/min, 0.6Mpa 
Water Proof IP50
Preset Number Program 1570x1270x1680mm
Display 10.4 inch TFT colour screen


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