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Your customers want fresh food, extended shelf life, and fewer preservatives—and to make matters more difficult, retailers are throwing your product away due to bruising or spoilage in transit, and sometimes discarding even if the product is perfectly fine, but too 'ugly' to attract consumers.




These may seem like unattainable goals, but meeting growing food consumption demands will require solutions to food waste challenges. While many of your strategies can impact food waste and spoiling, one critical factor is your food packaging machine to packaging process for food products. Choose high quality packaging machine manufacturers, reaching these production goals will require more effective methods for food packaging for products like fresh produce, nuts, coffee, etc.



How modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) can help you extend the shelf life of fresh foods without adding new preservatives.



Adopting innovating packaging like MAP certainly won’t eliminate food loss/waste from the world, but it can contribute to optimizing your supply chain and avoiding such massive food production losses.